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Our New Way
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Date:2005-05-28 23:03

Hello everyone. I started a community. Please take a look at it. It would be very nice to have members.


~ Lady Daewen

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Date:2004-09-23 06:56

I'm here.
I'm here because yesterday I had to make the impossible decision between adding trash to a full trash can (thereby making it impossible for the lid to go down all the way), or getting out another trash can (which would bring the total of trash cans outside the building to 7, an odd number). According to my boss, both offenses are punishable by termination. There will be no lids askew, and there will never be an odd number of trash cans in front of the building. And yet, I had no choice but to do one of these things. I chose the 7th trash can.

I'm thinking about plastic surgery. I want to be made into a 5'6" middle finger. Then and only then will I be above this garbage can angst.

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Date:2004-09-22 16:47
Subject:First Post
Mood: hopeful

I am a 25 year old graphic designer who spends 40 hours a week like most people, in a 9-6 job, whittling away my life and often wondering what the heck I'm doing. I have ideas and hopes for change, for a new way of life, and it occurs to me that there are probably many people in the same, or very similar, boats. I started this community in the hopes of drawing people from varying situations, people who are looking for change and revolution. Let a conversation begin here about our longings, ideas, and deep-seated angers and frustrations.

There are too many intelligent people in this world for an answer not to present itself. We can each find ways to start revolution in our own lives. But maybe first, what we need, is validation and inspiration.

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