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Our New Way

Redefining life in the modern era.

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Feeling lost? Disenchanted with the modern westernized life? You aren't the only one. Many of us are lost, and admitting so isn't acceptance of defeat.

I started this community as a way to start a conversation about the subtle pyschological traumas that face us modern humans every day. Is there another way to do things? Are you looking for that way, or do you have ideas on where to start? Or are you just in search of humans with common misgivings about the success of this status quo way of life? Maybe you are just facing the common depression that comes from a life that feels empty, and you need a real commune to help uplift your spirits?

I hope you will consider this a place to start at. I believe that there is hope, and that each of us can start a revolution by rolling changes forth in our own lives. Start at home, define for yourself what your new way is, and maybe it can become our new way.

Please bring your revolutionary ideas, quiet miseries, and soft hope to our table.